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27 December 2007

Whatever happened to Dark MsStress?

I only pose this question because it there has not been an update to the excellent comic series since September 2006. There has been some hacking of the site, most particularly the forum, but it is always sad when one of the cornerstones of your web viewing disappears.

There was a newer Yahoo 360 site where I exchanged pleasantries, but this too has gone very quiet. The only clue is that Dark MsStress had taken a great interest in Second Life and may have been sucked into that existence. The trouble is that we all get to take regular updating of our favourite sites for granted.

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  1. Anne Oni Mouse i have an answer to your question here about dark msstress. i have been speaking with her for a while. we are friends, well she decided to stop her webpage. i have been trying to bring her back. her work was great.


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