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31 December 2007

Bikast starts a new series "Common Hearts"

Bikast has started a new series of movies on YouTube which involves two couples on honeymoon. One pair are blissful, but the other wife seems angry and bitter leaving her husband confused. We soon find out that the two wives have been more than just friends and can already sense where things may be going.

A third video has been added today "Amulets of Permuta" where we see a blackmailing boss switched with his female employee. (26/12/07)

The fourth part "Even Exchange" sees the frustrated wife Diana making use of the amulets to further her lust for Britney. (28/12/07)

The next part "Ironic Injustice" has been available and Diana has swapped bodies with Britney's husband who is in deep trouble. (31/12/07)

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