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13 July 2010

The Permanent Upgrade: Betrayed by His Dream

The basis of this story is about the unusual sexual fantasy of a man to be a sexy slave girl and serve her master. His wife’s desire to help him out ends up costing them both.

If such subjects are not your thing then please do not bother to read it. Also, if your less than 18 years old then please do not read it as it is unsuitable for you.

This is a short story with just one illustration near the end. 

This is also available as a PDF

The Permanent Upgrade:
Betrayed By His Dream

A story by Anne Oni Mouse

Will Roberts had a dark secret that he had, and always intended to, kept hidden from his wife of six years. He knew his secret would never come true, then he saw that advert and realised he had a chance of living his dream. It would be hard to cover up, but maybe if it happened, in some form, then he might just be free from its presence in the back of his mind.

A new “Dream Reality” clinic was coming to town. These places were all the rage and allowed your dreams to be turned into a virtual reality world where you could live out them as if it were real.

When Will’s wife Claire, a busy businesswoman arrived him Will knew he would have to box clever if he were to do this without his dream being found out. As normal Will handed Claire a gin and tonic and asked how her day had gone, which got the usual bland reply known to so many in the same situation of automatic responses. Over our meal I gently mentioned that I had seen that “Dream Reality” was coming to town. Claire was rather dismissive, saying that she was surprised how many people had time to dream away.

That left Will feeling a little deflated as he tried to consider how best to tell Claire that he really wanted to try out the new clinic. He ended up coming back to the subject, and explained the dream he wanted to live through. It was a dream, rather than THE dream. The dream he tolf her about was that of being a master with a harem of slave girls. Will explained that he had too much respect for Claire to expect her to bring the fantasy to life.

This was his dream except that, rather than being the the master, Will would be one of the very submissive slave girls. He knew it was ridiculous, he never thought of himself as gay, despite the fact he dreamed of being the sex toy of a powerful man.

Claire looked rather disgusted as first, but she understood that she could be a little scary as a woman used to getting her way with men in business It seemed obvious to her that Will needed this for his self-esteem, and she secretly thought it would be nice if he perhaps learned to be a bit more of a man which might spice things up.

The next day Will went into town and returned with the brochures, he knew Claire always insisted on knowing all about any business she was getting involved with. That night, after supper, the couple sat down and Claire read through the information that Will had already scanned through earlier. It all looked very professional, which allayed any fears Claire had. It was explained that the subjects were put into an induced dream (REM) sleep for the length of the holiday. As a normal dream might last about an hour this allows the subject to
dream several years of their new dream life. With sessions available from four hours to fourteen days there was plenty of opportunity to try it out.

Will decided that he would start off with a four hour taster session in the role of master. This would give him something to work from when he went for his time as a slave girl, a way of giving himself a believable cover story for Claire So it was that a session was booked for the
next week, on a day when Claire would be out of town on business. They had joined together to complete the form that the clinic needed to allow them to create the scenario for Will’s dream, and that was handed in to be programmed up when went in to book. He paid the deposit and returned home very excited, though also a little scared.

The day came and, having seen Claire off at the crack of dawn, now was the time for Will to be the masterful lover enjoying his simple, but oh so sexy, slave girls. It was an experience like no other as he was able to live three years in his role. Although entry into dream sleep was induced almost immediately, and each hour represented about six hours of the life, the final hour was needed to bring the sleep to an orderly end. So it was that Will found himself enjoying the delights of the most delightfully compliant, and sexy, women he had ever met (even if only in his mind). It was hugely enjoyable, though Will knew it didn’t really quite do it for him in the way his real fantasy would.

At the end of the experience Will arrived home, but had several hours to wait before he could tell Claire how wonderful it would be and that he really wanted to do the longer session. The wait was really frustrating, but he used the time to practice his story and try to make it as believable as possible.

Then he heard the click of the door opening and rushed to meet Claire. He couldn’t wait to tell he all about what had happened, and ended up jabbering inanely causing Claire to have to try to calm him down. When he did calm down, and told her the full details of the girls and how they would do anything for him, Claire looked a little downhearted and Will realised
that she was upset that she wasn’t his fantasy.

“Please don’t think this means I love you any less” he explained “I would never want to make you do anything that you didn’t want to, so this allows me to feel like I am getting what I want without doing anything that might hurt our marriage.”

Claire smiled weakly. “I can see what you mean” she started “But it is still rather sad that we cannot share your dreams.”

Will took gently took Claire’s hand in his and brought it to his lips, giving it the softest of kisses. “It is just something I need to get out of my system” he said, a little crestfallen that her apparent enthusiasm had waned.

Eventually Claire told Will that she understood his desires and that she must let him do this or he would resent her and their marriage would be ruined. Will protested that she was wrong, though he knew there was a lot of truth in what she said.

So it was that they agreed they would go in together to book up the break for the following month, Claire was due to be attending a major exhibition in Florida, so it fitted in perfectly for them. They both worked out the story to be used, which was a rather raunchier version
of the one Will played out before. Will wasn’t concerned that he was being set up as the master, and a couple of days later went in to alter his part to a sexy harem handmaiden willing to serve her master in any way.

What Will didn’t know was that Claire had decided that if he really wanted to be the masterful man, she was prepared to make a huge sacrifice and went in to arrange to enter the story the following day as a harem dancer to watch how her masterful husband would act.

Claire had noticed that the software allowed for an upgrade to be paid for that would really give the participants their dream. She agreed the parameters of the upgrade and paid for it. At the end of the experience the couple would have a life they would both enjoy.

So that fateful day arrived and Will turned up at the clinic to begin his virtual holiday as Fatima, the ever willing slave girl in the harem of Abdul bin Lashem. Abdul was a rough man who treated his girls with little respect, but Fatima had little will of her own and delighted in having his cock enter her many orifices. As fantasies go this was certainly
one that Will was glad to keep quiet.

A few days into the experience a delicate blonde dancer called Sheena was added to the harem. She seemed shocked at how the master was behaving and at first she fought against his sexual demands. However, having used his whip to live up to his name and lashed her brutally, Sheena became much more amenable to Abdul’s demands.

Once Sheena was broken in the harem became a much nicer place as, with no reason to thrash anyone, the girls simply concentrated on being there when their master needed relief.

Then, as the time ran out and the fantasy was due to end Fatima found herself in a room at the clinic with Sheena.

The story was now over and now was the time to return to reality, except for that upgrade that Claire had brought as a surprise for Will. Claire, as Sheena, stared at Fatima, held her head and started to cry. Fatima just stared at her dancer friend, confused as to where they

Unfortunately Claire’s upgrade had been to make make them permanently look as they did in the story with their altered personality. She had asked that she know who they had been, but to be restrained to act in a subservient way to her master and all men. She also requested that Will know only his new personality that he had so wanted. It had been her way of trying to make the love of her life happier, even though it had meant sacrificing all that she had worked for.

Claire wanted to know what had gone wrong, but she found that she didn’t feel it was her place to ask. She was sure that some nice man, hopefully her master, would sort it out.

Fatima felt confused that she had been plucked out of the harem and was desperate to see where her master was. She liked Sheena, but had become jealous when the pretty blonde had seemed to grab more than her fair share of the master’s time. Then she spotted the tears in Sheena’s eyes and put a sisterly arm around her shoulders, telling her “Don’t worry, I am sure the master will send someone to collect us soon”.

The clinic had spotted that there might be a problem when this particular fantasy came to an end, though their confidentiality agreements meant that they felt they couldn’t interfere during the period of the contract. Fortunately the business did tend to attract more than its fair share of men who wanted to dominate women, so they rang around and invited a few of their clients to bid for the right to become the real master of two sexy girls who were only happy if they were serving their masters.

So it was that the lucky new master, Dan Peters, came to collect his new slave girls and take them back to his ranch house. As luck would have it Dan had been one of Claire’s business rivals and he would have been delighted had he known the former identity of Sheena.


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