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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

27 February 2010

My boobs, my baby, my life

Following on from "My boobs, my belly, my wife",the story continues after the birth has taken place.


  1. So... happened to Tanya, since the wife transplanted the reproductive system already pregnant? Did she kill Tanya? Or did she perform the reverse procedure, and Tanya is now male?

  2. Well, my thought was that Tanya had died/been killed in some way and that had helped to spur the punishment op. Guess I didn't really go into it deeply enough, though you do give me an idea or three for a future image!

  3. OK, well I have now added a third image to the series "My body, my life, my husband" where Tanya, now with a penis, is well on the way to becoming Tony. Hope you like it.


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