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31 December 2011

007 - Licensed To Wear Lipstick

It had to happen one time that 007's antics would get him into trouble


  1. Oh I do enjoy seeing pop culture characters transformed. Bond going from ladykiller to sexy woman is a story ripe with intrigue. Remmeber, "Jamie", live and let die (giggle)

  2. This was bound to happen to Bond eventually. Maybe Antonov will convince him to remain a woman?

  3. Thanks have to admit I have done Bond several times (as in captioned him getting reassigned in different ways). One of the first things I posted here was a short film made with The Movies game called Dr O'No, James Bond spoof.

    There is a very enjoyable 3 part SWI on Fictionmania - "James Bond - Lingerie is forever" by Jayne Dell.

  4. Q always surprises me. I'm sure that Bond won't be so reckless around Q from now on.

    Good work. Really makes me smile that Bond has been taught such a lesson.


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