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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

27 December 2011

Suited to a Bigger Change

Bill had a plan to acquire a sex-slave and his flatmate Rick was to be the lucky girl, even though he wasn't one at the time. (With changes added)


  1. Oooh, I absolutely love this naughty little story. First, I love the body suit and how Ricky becomes slutty little Rachel. Then I love how the sex obsessed bitch becomes more and more wanton, till she brings yet another lover onto the scene.

    Wicked, naughty and delicious! Mmmh, loved it!

  2. Thanks, it was another where my initial idea was the bodysuit to sexy girl story kind of snowballed into a bodysuit to sexy girl to wanton slut to naughty mistress story

  3. This took a different turn than I expected, as I didn't think that she would make Bill take her position.

    I like bodysuit cpations and stories. And especially if the suit is messing with the wearer's mind.

    Great job.


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