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29 December 2011

I Have Got To Have Her (Body)

My mind got a little voice inside it that twisted what I was thinking


  1. I absolutely love how the internal voice takes over and brainwashes him into loving and desiring his hot new body.

    You should let that inner voice in your head have more control... hehe.

  2. Got to admit this was a hard one to get right, and I wasn't totally happy with it. I just couldn't think where else it was going.

  3. The story is great. It almost seems to me that Susan had her hands in his change.

    The ending is a bit strange. Comes a bit fast.

  4. Yeah, I think I kind of lost track on this one while I was putting it together.

    I feel like Doctor Who (David Tennant) in the episode "Don't Blink" where he was trying to explain the flow of time and talked about it being a timey wimey ball of string, and then said it got away from him. (My vote for best ever episode).


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