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03 December 2011

Why Me?

A slightly longer captioned story, involving cultural change, that you can read here or view by clicking the image below

Why Me?

That was one short phrase that had gone through Katerina Zanereva’s mind thousands, more likely millions, of times in past three years since that fateful day when something happened and Ian Phillips disappeared from that comfortable world that he had inhabited. On that day Ian, a salesman for a major printer manufacturer had been in Moscow on business when he began to feel unwell and returned to his hotel suite to rest in the hope that he would feel better later.

When he woke up Ian was terrified as he found his body had transformed and now appeared to be wholly that of a woman looking nothing like his former self. Anxious to find a way to return to normal, Ian called down for service and asked if a doctor could be sent to his room. This immediately got the hotel management annoyed, as far as they were concerned Ian Phillips was the only person in the room, a single, and they wanted to know who the young woman was and she came to be there.

Suddenly Ian found himself in the custody of the local police and accused of having something to do with his own disappearance. When a man from the British Embassy turned up to investigate the missing British national he tried to explain what had happened. Not unnaturally the diplomat was not convinced by the young woman’s story and wasn’t inclined to help her. Being a fluent Russian speaker was a blessing and a curse as, although she could make herself understood, it also made it more likely to the authorities that she was simply a young woman trying to find a way to move to the west.

As there was no real evidence that Ian Phillips had actually been harmed the authorities, after three weeks of exhaustive investigation, decided to release their suspect without charge. Finding it impossible to create a British identity, and she would need to have some background to survive, Ian eventually met a man in a bar who agreed to help her with some documentation - the price of which was surrendering her virginity. It was an horrific and painful experience, in truth Ian had always been rather embarrassed by the whole process of sexual intimacy, and nothing seemed to have changed now she was of the opposite gender.

So it was that she was no longer Ian Phillips and instead had a Russian internal passport that proved that she was now officially a 34 year old Russian woman called Katerina Zanereva. The document was enough for her to move around within the country, but did not allow international travel, apparently that was beyond the man who supplied it. Katerina had a few clothes that she managed to obtain from a charity, but was otherwise penniless and relying on handouts that were quite hard to come by.

It proved very hard for the homeless woman to find work, she spent several nights on the streets, before finding some temporary, employment. Having dropped her sights from anything approaching Ian’s former employment, she was grateful to find a very low-paid job as a waitress in a sleazy nightclub. At least Katerina was now able to afford the most basic of rooms that came with the job. It kept her off the streets and even managed to buy a winter coat, which was an absolute necessity in the Russian winter. This was a job where it was possible to augment your pay by agreeing to entertain the desires of your customers, though initially Katerina had been reluctant to get involved in deference to her former gender. In time her resistance had broken and Katerina modified her rules so that she would not agree to penetration, but would allow them to fondle her breasts and was also becoming quite adept at giving a hand job, though at that time she still wasn’t ready to suck cocks yet.

Having almost forgotten that the job had been temporary when suddenly it came to an end and once more Katerina was on the streets, but at least she had some experienced and even some, very small, savings. One thing she realised was that, now 35 years old, the life of a sex worker was hard and she was not sure she could cope for long.

As luck would have it Katerina had only been out of work for a couple of days when she came across restaurant advertising for a waitress. She rather exaggerated her previous work, as this new place was considerably up market from her old employment, and was delighted when she was taken on for a trial period of a month. It was a wholly new experience as she was expected to dress and act as a very proper young lady. The pay was a little better, and the decent tips made up for the fact that the sexual extras would have been frowned upon. The month passed without incident and Katerina quickly became a valued member of the restaurant staff.

Katerina walks to work through a snowy park after spending the night with her fiancé
Although no sexual extras were involved in her job, Katerina did meet a local businessman Sacha Haterov and became rather close to him - they went on dates on her days off. Over the next year the couple became inseparable and it was no surprise to any of other staff when they became engaged to be married, it was probably more of a shock to Katerina when she agreed to Sacha’s proposal as she knew it meant she had now completely accepted who she had become. She knew was a Russian woman called Katerina Zanereva who would soon be a married woman, and hopefully perhaps a mother.

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