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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

28 December 2011

Thank You Evie

In recognition of her support in commenting on this site I would just like to pay this little tribute to Evie of Evie's Backburner blog


  1. Evie really deserved that award. I cheer for her.

    Whoo whoo whoo.

    Great work, Anne.

  2. Sweet tribute Anne. Great way to show your appreciation. :)

  3. Awwww, you're so sweet :)

    But really, I should be thanking you for making loads of super hot captions and comic series. Reading through your stuff I was amazed at a lot of the smoking hot ideas. I couldn't believe no one had ever commented on them!

    So I did :) I'll accept my award on the condition that you keep making hot captions for me to comment on.

  4. Can't promise I'll keep on, but I do still have about 20 in stock for future release.

    and thanks again


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