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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

20 November 2010

An error in the disguise module

Oh bloody Hell!” Alan yelped as his new body felt the chill of the snowy scene.

He spun around to return through the portal and tripped falling on his new bottom in the snow. Just at that moment he stared in horror as the portal did as it was supposed to do and popped out of existence until he completed his mission in about four hours.

His task was to recover the golden crystal that was an important element of the portal technology, but first Alan was going to need to find something to stop him from freezing to death. Until now it was his lack of clothing that had been Alan’s focus, and, as it was not uncommon in his missions, he had spent little time contemplating the fact that he was currently female.

Though he was feeling less than happy with his predicament, Alan knew that he must set about his task as quickly as possible. Time Agent’s knew the risks they ran of being left trapped in a new era, but accepted the great rewards and kudos that came their way.

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