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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

Breaking in his new pet girl

Gerald Glumley stared at his pet in her cage and she purred back.

Being a man with powers, Gerald hated the way some louts ruined life for the rest of society. Luther Smith was one such blot on other people’s lives as he blasted out loud music, drank heavily, and broke down many people’s garden walls as he staggered home. Regular law enforcement seemed powerless.

Then Gerald was moving away and, feeling guilty for deserting the nice people, he kidnapped the lout and put him in a cage in his new secluded garden. Luther played up, shouted and generally tried to escape, but to no avail.

Each evening Gerald would arrive and use a blowpipe to dart his prisoner sending Luther to sleep. Each morning the youth would wake still in the cage and just a little less macho. As this carried on Luther became less rebellious and his mind seemed to soften as his body did too. He soon noticed that he was turning into a girl, but knew the futility of fighting.

Through all of this Luther had been naked. When Gerald tossed in a pair of panties and a camisole the feminised youth immediately put it on to cover the new shape of his body, with no apparent qualms about wearing such feminine garments.

Now Gerald began training his pet to answer to her new name of Lucy. In time he might yet make her a useful member of society.

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