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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

The Serving Girl Prince

It was a confusion of circumstances that would have dire consequences for the state.

Prince Barios, as a part of his training to be king, was spending at least a month as a lowly serving girl. It was a magical transformation all royal princes were expected to go through to teach them humility. Barios was a good man and played his part with confidence and gentility.

Sadly for the Prince and his country the man he got into conversation with was a trader from abroad. When he offered to accompany the delightful redhead back to her quarters it seemed a gallant gesture that was accepted.

As soon as they left Barios was roughly bundled into a carriage that headed to the docks. The girl prince was then dragged onto a ship that set sail that night. The prince had been taken by a slaver who knew that a girl with her attributes would fetch a good price to the east.

The spell prevented the prince from revealing his real identity and instead she could only refer to herself as Louisa, the name she chose for the test.

Gradually news of the prince’s disappearance spread, but no one knew where to look for him. Eventually his brother Marcos began his test and eventually became the King.

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