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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

Damn, I wish I was as hot as her

Ever since their father had run off with his secretary things had been difficult for Ian. His mother developed a deep hatred of all things masculine and threw out all of Ian’s clothes and if he wanted he wanted to dress at all he had to wear his big sister Melissa’s hand me downs.

It was a very distressing time and Ian was hugely rebellious and tried to sneak in clothes that he bought. It was about this time that the lad began noticing certain changes in his body that were certainly deviating from those he had expected.

Then one day Melissa was walking by in a stunning pink outfit and Ian caught himself thinking “Damn, I wish I was as hot as her”.

He broke down in tears for he knew that his mother’s plan was getting into his mind and she was winning. It wasn’t long before the changes blossomed and Ian became Anna as he became the girl that his mother so deeply desired him to be.

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