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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

Now she is the big man

One day he was Robbie Evans, club owner and big man about town. Next day she was Shelley Bell one of the girls who provided the eye candy in the club and entertained Robbie’s clients.

She knew what happened. Robbie had been sitting at his desk in the office going over some figures when Shelley brought him a drink, which was nothing unusual as that was something that his girls did.

The drink tasted a bit strange and he quickly passed out. When he woke up Robbie found he was slumped in a chair and his own smiling body loomed over him. That was when he realised his body was not his body any more and instead he was a girl who did demeaning things just to live.

That had been a few weeks ago and the new Shelley was settled into her position. The new Robbie had made it pretty clear that he was very happy with the situation. Shelly had to stick around in the hope that Robbie might make a mistake and reveal how he had switched their bodies.

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