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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

Giving him what he didn't ask for

When caught in a dress by his grandmother, who he lived with since his parents died, Oliver tried his best to explain that he just liked the way women’s clothes felt

Of course she knew, or thought she did, that what Oliver really wanted was to be a girl and she determined to make his dream come true. So it was that Oliver was locked in his room and put on a diet that just consisted of a particularly disgusting purple drink. The pounds fell off his body, well in most places, though his chest hips and bottom seemed to swell.

Oliver seemed to lose all of his strength, meaning his grandmother could easily overpower him. There was little the increasingly feminine youth could do and he became completely subservient to his captor. All traces of Oliver’s manhood shrivelled and were overtaken by the emblems of Olivia’s new gender.

Where once had been a strapping boy, imaging himself as the superhero of the comics he was always reading, there was now a sweet tempered girl who hoped that she would find a man like the heroes in the romance novels that she loved.

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