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06 November 2010

Blosilk and his 00 girls

Arch villain Tele Blosilk has made his greatest discovery, a plant extract that when entered into the body made the DNA completely open to redesign. Together with a machine to control the changes and a strong hypnosis he was now able to turn his enemies into much more pleasant creatures.

This was too good an opportunity to revel in his triumph so it was that Tele Blosilk gathered his lovely girls together for a group photograph. He thought that the British security services would like to see how their 00 operatives were getting on as they hadn’t been reporting back. So it was that the following message, printed on the back of the photograph, was received by M in London.

“As you can see, unlike your personnel selection - so male and white - I am much happier with a more diverse workforce. Your four former operatives seem to by very happy, and showing great talent, in their new positions entertaining myself and my staff.

Please do not think that they can ever be returned to their old selves as the genetic changes are irreversible. Please do send further operatives as I would like to have representatives of other races on my staff. I would be particularly delighted to see 007. He has been a pain in the past and I have decided he would make a rather delightful geisha girl.

I have decided to call them my 00 (or ooh) girls after the sweet sounds the make when in bed with me”

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