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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

His own wife's new maid

Bernard had to admit that he had always been a pretty obnoxious man, but this was just not fair.!

As a sideline Bernard had done a bit of drug dealing. Just as the police were about to pay him a visit his wife found out and warned him off. She offered to hide him and, realising his situation was desperate, he agreed without asking what was involved.

Sharon, Bernard’s caring spouse, produced a small bottle of purple liquid and told her husband to drink it. Appreciating his fix Bernard knocked back the drink. When he came round, found that he was now a teenage girl who Sharon dressed in a pretty pink maid’s outfit. She explained that he would be hidden in plain view.

This turn of events did not best please Bernard, who was then humiliated further when Robin, his son, proceeded to flirt with Chloe, as he now was. The boorish youth was pretty determined to get his way with the girl, unaware as he was of who she really was.

As time passed Chloe settled into her role as the family servant, though she did wonder why the police never did come round to see Bernard.

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