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04 November 2010

Not the resurrection he dreamed of

When Ezekiel Grant found out that he was dying he didn’t feel sorry for himself. Instead he through all of his efforts into cheating death. He created a facility that could store human bodies in a state where they would not decay and, when genetic techniques were capable, those with his disorder could be cured and restored.

The facility was completed in time to house Ezekiel and others condemned to an otherwise agonizing end. Unfortunately the corporation charged with the facility fell on hard times and when the crash came they had to be sold to a shadowy organization that had plans.

Although Ezekiel’s illness was incurable still a new technique allowed for genetic rewriting on a complete and total basis killing off the original individual. So it was that Ezekiel and those he hoped to save where moulded to form a new hostess force to work in the clubs and bars of the facility’s new owners.

There was no one left to mourn the end of  Ezekiel’s dream.

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