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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

04 November 2010

The new madam

Bradley Wheel had been a rough tough cowhand, who brawled with the men and made love to the women. It was this last trait that landed him in a whole heap of trouble!

Out on the trail he and his gang came across a rather attractive indian girl who they had as they wanted and she certainly didn’t. Her father came across the group of men and, instead of trying to kill them as they expected he mutter a pile of language they couldn’t understand.

That night, as they slept, Bradley and his crew had the strangest of dreams, when they woke, found they were now of the fairer sex. The group of confused women made their way back to town but, being unskilled, found there was little work available to them. All they were able to find was in the local whore house.

Bella, as Bradley became known, found she was quite talented and was able to earn quite well. Now she has purchased her own bar offering additional services to the gentlemen customers.

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