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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

20 January 2013

You Might Get Lucky

Tom was pretty sure that Kelly had known exactly what she was getting him into. For his bet with Billy Tom had to sneak into the girl’s house and remove a bra and panties. When he had admitted what he was going to do he was surprised that Kelly wanted to help.

She gave him the sex outfit to dress up in then, when he grabbed the bra and panties from the laundry he could slip them on under what he got in wearing and walk out. At least that was the theory.

All went well until the dolled up Tom was about to leave and found himself trapped. A whole group of girls were heading out clubbing and Tom found himself unable to get out of it. A smirking Kelly said “Come on Tammy, get with the programme. You never know, with any luck you might get lucky”

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