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02 July 2012

Let's get out of here

The Doctor is back and once again some one has made him a girl

With a very fond return for Sarah Jane Smith


  1. I really wish Doctor Who was still shown on Syfy. I would jump at the chance to take a ride in the Tardis. The potential of being turned into a girl would make it all the more appealing

  2. I caught a few of the last series on BBC3 in the last week. Next up is one of my favourites when the Tardis came alive.

    1. I don't get BBC America so alll I get to see now is what my cable company decides to put on demand. They just put Tennant's first season up

  3. I've recently watched some of the very first William Hartnell episodes from 1963 on Netflix. The episode I mentioned is on in less than 30 mins :-)


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